Property Protection Safety is priority #1

Competent tree service is more than just cutting down trees.  In over 20 years of servicing the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana areas we have developed a methodical approach to safe tree service.

When selecting a tree service professional for your business, agency or personal property there are a lot of factors to consider.  The safety of your property, family, employees and constituents should be a primary concern.

Landscaping service and tree related jobs have many levels of risk and danger associated with them.  Each and every physical job site has its own  safety concerns-

  • Power Lines & Obstacles
  • Project Urgency
  • Proximity to Property
  • Condition & size of tree
  • Felling Trajectory
  • Proximity to Traffic
  • Removal Considerations
  • Access to site

Power lines are an obvious and serious safety concern when conducting tree service.  Additional care must also be taken to safeguard and work around fences, sprinkler systems, sidewalks and driveways.  Hardwood trees are very heavy- live oak timber can weigh upwards of 75 pounds per cubic foot.  Sang Tree Service only employees expert tree workers whose skill and courage has been proved through decades of operation.

The urgency of the project further compounds the safety issues of a given project.  Working in inclement weather, emergency work at night and operating under less than ideal concerns are further reasons to only choose the experienced professionals at Sang Tree Service.

The protection and care of the property near the service area is one of our primary concerns.  Many other tree service companies only pay lip service to the value of all of the elements of your landscaping.  We are experts at mitigating and reducing the impact of tree service, brush and debris removal on:

  • Buildings
  • Fences, walls and embankments
  • Sidewalks, driveways, & patios
  • Decks, pergolas, & firepits
  • Septic Tanks
  • Delicate Landscaping
  • Ponds, water features and sprinklers
  • Existing Trees

Dead trees are one of the most dangerous elements in tree service work.  Dead trees are often hallow and unstable- this means that they are unpredictable.  Often times the best way safely to remove a dead tree is by crane.  Many times this is the best way of ensuring the safety of your property and our personal.  Trees that have recently passed can usually be removed using traditional climbing and rigging techniques.  However given their unpredictability, special care must be given to dead and rotting trees.  Often times older dying trees will develop hollow trunks as they reach the end of their lives; usually this can not even be determined until the first cuts are performed.  These dangerous hallow trees will often act unpredictably with the stresses incurred during trunk and limb removal.  Inexperienced workers should never be hired to remove or trim dying trees.

Size can also be a very constraining factor during tree service.  Certain tree varietals can reach 50 or even 80 feet in the air.  Mature tree trunks can easily reach over 20 inches in diameter; the largest portable wood chipper can only handle trunks and branches up to 20 inches in diameter.  Those larger branches need to be loaded and hauled offsite for processing.

Tree felling is one part art and one part science.  Over the course of 20 years we have removed thousands of trees and limbs making our experienced crews among the most skilled around.  Typically, the root cause of most accidents during a tree-felling operation is an improper cut.  Properly felling a tree involves a notch (or undercut) followed by a backcut.  It is not at all unusual to see a backcut nearly completely through the tree or below the notch- each jobsite, each project, and every tree requires its own individual felling strategy.

Does the work need to be performed near or even in the middle of a high traffic area or roadway? Not only do our crews have the experience to handle and mitigate the dangerous situation they also have the training and specialty safety equipment to perform the work. Working around distracted drivers can make an already dangerous job life threatening! Ensure that your tree service professionals are trained to handle the work by choosing Sang Tree Service.

Poor equipment access can lead to a job taking up to three times longer! Does the brush or tree debris need to be moved longer distances? Can the chippers be brought right up to the brush? Even specialized equipment can be impeded by soft or wet ground. At Sang Tree Service we have a large variety of equipment, methods and the experience to give your job the attention it deserves.

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