I couldn’t believe it- hail of all things, in Louisville, KY. My husband and I were astounded at the devastation on our property; the golf ball size hail must have brought down 15 large branches and hundreds of smaller ones on our wooded lot. We called around to a couple of places to get quotes- we knew we found the right company after Charlie (Sang) came out to inspect the damage and provide us with an estimate. It was a large project and we could not believe how quickly the crew cleaned up the debris. They were careful and you can’t even tell they were here.

Mary Adams / Client

My husband and I found our dream house when we moved into the gorgeous property in the Highlands right next to Cherokee Park. One of the things that we love are the full grown hardwoods lining the property- the oaks give the whole place a sense of majesty. While we loved the shade they provided it was obvious, even to us, that some of the larger branches were danger to not only to our house, but perhaps even to our family if they were to come down in a storm. While we wanted to protect our investment we also wanted to affect the trees as little as possible.

We were relieved to finally find Sang Tree Service! Charlie and his crew are top notch- we were impressed with the entire process. From the way that they careful explained to us what they wanted through expertly and carefully pruning back the trees- we actually were suprised to agree that they look even better maintained! Thanks Charlie- we’ve recommended you to all the neighbors that have asked about it.

Linda Grey / Client

Charlie- you asked us to write a recommendation for your website and we said we would (not that we’ll ever see it).

It must have been lightning to split a tree like that- it must be at least 40″ thick and the mess was all over the yard. In addition to the clean up we needed a tree service that could work around the already damaged fence to minimize the repairs we would need to make.

After the storm, it seemed like no one had the time of day to talk with us; we were impressed though, when Charlie showed up, early, to give us an estimate for the project. He listened to our concerns first before he explained to us how he was going to address them. He went on to point out some other things that we needed to be careful of- such as the potential for the rest of tree coming down on our house. We really appreciated how quickly you guys were able to clean up the mess. Thanks again.

Dan Bradly / Clients