General Liability Insurance

Tree service can be unpredictable- general liability insurance protects your physical property.

Thinking about the general size of a tree on your property?  The size, the weight, the height- the fact that it may be already damaged.  The tree may already have damaged your property- considering weather, ground conditions and shear gravity and it is not suprise that sometimes things go wrong.

General Liability insurance protects you from liability in case something does go wrong.  As part of your vendor checklist make sure you request a current copy and validate proof of insurance.  Too many of our competitors subject you to an incredible risk by operating with out or with expired coverage.

While we always strive to protect our customers property, given the all of the variables there are times when preventing damage is just impossible.  We always do our best to minimize the risk to your important assets.  However, should something indeed go wrong we promise to quickly arrange for any necessary repairs.

In a business as dangerous as tree service work however, even more important and often overlooked is Workers Compensation coverage.  This may even be the most important criteria for you to consider when selecting a tree service.  You can read about and find our Workers’ Compensation Coverage here.


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